In our bumper winter edition of Safe Together: AMM permanent law in NSW and soon in NT It’s tax time! Important reasons to support us Our 2018 Cycling Scholar – Ms Grace Brown A metre matters ‘on the bus’ in NSW Our own Dr Johnson appointed ACRS Co-VP Wiggle mid-season sale – up to 60% off New

The Amy Gillett Foundation is delighted with the news that the Victorian Government has moved to close a loophole in the current application of the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) compensation scheme in Victoria, so that cyclists will now be covered for injuries sustained if they hit a stationary vehicle regardless of whether they are travelling

Given recent news items, we feel it timely to remind and reinforce the facts about cycling two abreast. Cyclists are legally permitted to ride two-abreast, subject to the following rules: On single-lane roads, cyclists can’t ride beside more than one other cyclist (unless overtaking). On multi-lane roads, cyclists: can’t ride more than two abreast in

  Earlier this year we made our submission to the NSW Inquiry into heavy vehicle safety and use of technology to improve road safety. The Staysafe Committee of the NSW Parliament has now tabled its report and we’re pleased that our recommendations have been included for future consideration.   The Amy Gillett Foundation focused in its

Amy Gillett Foundation CEO, Phoebe Dunn, and Board Member Dr Rod Katz, recently met with the executive team of ANCAP Safety in Canberra. Vulnerable Road User (VRU) protection technology is now a requirement for achieving a 5 star ANCAP rating as of January 2018.  Key features of this technology are detection of pedestrians and cyclists,

The Amy Gillett Foundation is delighted with the announcement that a metre matters laws will now be a permanent part of New South Wales road rules, and congratulates the New South Wales Government on this important cycling safety initiative. New South Wales joins Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia with

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The Northern Territory Government plans to introduce a metre matters over the next 1-2 years, according to their newly-released Road Safety Plan 2018-2022. A metre matters legislation reduces the risk of crashes when drivers pass cyclists and improves safety for cyclists, and all road users, across Australia.   Key points: A metre matters laws require drivers to give

Make your ride on Saturday May 5, a Yellow Ride for Cycling Safety: 1. Wear something yellow 2. Ride with your lights on   National – Light Up and be Seen – Yellow Ride for Cycling Safety  The Amy Gillett Foundation asks cyclists across Australia to join us in wearing something yellow and riding with their lights on