We’re excited to be involved in creating and delivering Vulnerable Road User training to all truck drivers involved in the Rail Projects around Victoria.


WATCH: our scene setting video below

There are 4 topics covered across 3 sessions:

  1. Helping our cities grow
  2. Vulnerable road users
  3. Sharing our roads
  4. Vulnerable road user safety equipment


1. Online module (30 minutes)

Informative and interactive, our module introduces the 4 topics with quizzes and a final test, as shown by the samples below.


2. In class (half-day)

A more in-depth discussion and hands-on workshop to further understand more about the 4 topics (above).


3. Practical on-bike & on-foot (2 hours)

This immersive and experiential session will put drivers onto bikes and to walk the streets that they drive on to understand what it’s like to be a vulnerable road user.

These sessions will provide detailed information to the truck drivers about the importance of taking extra steps to ensure they look out for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders.