Australia’s bike riders unite in calling for improved safety The Amy Gillett Foundation said Australia’s bike riders had united in their call to improve safety, with Andrew Nikolic MP today submitting the national a metre matters petition to the Australian Government. Tracey Gaudry, Chief Executive Officer of the Amy Gillett Foundation said the a metre

The Amy Gillett Foundation today welcomed the Queensland Government’s formal responseto the Inquiry into Cycling Issues’ 68 recommendations. Tracey Gaudry, Chief Executive Officer of the Amy Gillett Foundation said the Queensland Government’s endorsement of 50 out of 68 recommendations in part or in full, reflected a genuine desire to improve the environment for the state’s 1.5 million bike

The Amy Gillett Foundation today applauded the ACT Government’s intent to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, in particular bike riders. Tracey Gaudry, Chief Executive Officer of the AGF said the Bill introduced by Attorney General Simon Corbell MLA recognised the need for greater protection of the road’s most vulnerable users. “The ACT’s Inquiry into

Cyclists safety in the spotlight as road user groups come together   Amy Gillett Foundation and the Centre for Road Safety have taken the opportunity of Road Rules Awareness Week to start a discussion today about the road rules and behaviours that underpin interactions between cyclists and motorists. The campaign – It’s a two-way street

A re-elected Labor government will implement minimum one-metre passing legislation to improve safety for all road users. The Minister for Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, made the commitment with World Junior Cycling Champion, Lauren Perry and signed the ‘a metre matters’ petition with members of the Amy Gillett Foundation. “With more Tasmanians cycling as a healthy alternative

Led by Richie Porte, Australia’s elite road cyclists this weekend have thrown their support behind the petition to the Australian Government calling for the road rules to be made safer for the millions of Australians who bike ride regularly. The petition is asking for changes to the model Australian Road Rules to mandate a minimum

The Amy Gillett Foundation today welcomed the findings of the Inquiry into Cycling Issues and calls upon the Queensland Government to implement 65 of the 68 recommendations contained in the report tabled by the Inquiry Committee. Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) CEO Tracey Gaudry said the comprehensive reform recommended by the Inquiry will place Queensland –

The ACT’s Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services is now preparing to hear from witnesses for their Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users. The AGF made a submission, which can be viewed here. Rather than focussing solely on bicycle riders, the Inquiry will look at issues faced by all vulnerable road users,

The Amy Gillett Foundation has announced a new partnership with Toll Group, uniting Australia’s leading bicycle safety advocacy group with Australia’s leading provider of transport and logistics, in an initiative to address safety concerns for all road users. Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) CEO Tracey Gaudry said the new partnership would demonstrate a united front between