The Amy Gillett Foundation awards a scholarship as part of its work to support the development of young female athletes and to improve road safety, by contributing intelligence and research.

The Amy Gillett Cycling Scholarship seeks to honour her memory by supporting young women who aspire to the same pursuit of sporting and educational excellence Amy did.

The Scholarship provides the opportunity to live, train and compete in Europe with the High5 Australian Women’s Road Development Team supported and delivered by Cycling Australia.

The selection process to determine the most promising cycling talent considers cycling potential and success, academic pursuits, career aspirations and community participation.

Importantly, the Scholarship recipient becomes an Ambassador for the Amy Gillett Foundation to help raise cycling safety awareness for all road users. It also provides supports for a female road cyclist to live, train and compete in Europe with the Australian Development Team.

The scholarship is made possible through the support of the High5 Australian Women’s Road Development Team managed by Rochelle Gilmore and Cycling AustraliaFind out more here.


The Amy Gillett Cycling Scholarship Hall of Fame

2017 Lucy Kennedy
2016 Louisa Lobigs
2015 Dr Kimberley Wells
2014 Lizzie Williams
2013 Jessica Mundy
2012 Jessica Allen
2011 Joanne Hogan
2010 Rachel Neylan
2009 Amber Halliday
2008 Carlee Taylor
2007 Carla Ryan
2006 Jessie MacLean