Public vote – People’s Choice award

This competition invited university students to take a fresh look at some of the most complex issues in road safety. This year, student teams produced short video clips to answer the 2016 question:

How can we tackle the sense of entitlement on the roads in Australia and New Zealand?

Whether on our bikes, in our cars, even on the bus, sometimes we feel entitled on the roads. There is a sense that the road belongs to me when I want it and I am entitled to get where I want to go. But this sense of entitlement can lead to impatience, aggression, even road rage. For people riding bikes or walking, the roads can be an uncomfortable, even dangerous place. So how do we shift this attitude from ‘how to get where I want’ to ‘how do we get everyone to their destination safely’?

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The four finalist teams will pitch their entry on Wednesday 7 September at the 2016 Australasian Road Safety Conference in Canberra. This is the leading Australia and New Zealand road safety conference with over 650 Australian and international delegates.

Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 4 September 2016