Make A Video To Help Stop Car Dooring



Car doors are a common
hazard on the road for cyclists.
In Melbourne alone, a cyclist
can have a car door open in
front of them every second trip.


Sometimes, cyclists are able to
avoid crashes by braking or
swerving. When they cannot,
the result can be catastrophic,
leading to serious and
sometimes fatal outcomes.


Drivers and passengers do
not intentionally ‘door’
cyclists, but it is a hazard
that continues to occur far
too frequently.


This year’s competition invites you to help stop car dooring


2017 Brief: Create a short video clip that helps stop car dooring

The Amy Gillett Foundation is committed to creating a safe cycling environment in Australia. Keeping cyclists safe from car dooring requires a safe space for cyclists to ride that involves a Safe System approach:

Safe roads – bike lanes that are away from opening car doors
Safe people – safe driver and passenger behaviour and safe cycling behaviour
Safe vehicles – Anti-dooring vehicle technology and safe bicycles with working brakes and lights at low times
Safe speeds – cyclists travelling at speeds that allow them to stop to avoid a car door and safe vehicle speeds to reduce the crash risk if a cyclist does need to swerve

Your approach is up to you. Funny, serious, emotional, informative, you decide how to best tackle this serious issue


While it takes a lot of different kinds of work to create change and safer roads for cyclists, video is an important medium to raise awareness and contribute to behaviour change. Your video clip could be used to add to broader efforts to stop car dooring. It could have a real impact on the safety of cyclists.


  • Maximum length of video clip: 90 seconds
  • Teams: up to four people per team (you may be part of more than one team)
  • Categories:
    • General public – open to everyone
    • University Students (all team members in the student category must be enrolled in 2017)

      Entries close midnight August 14, 2017



  • Each category will receive a team trophy
  • The People’s Choice winner will receive a team trophy
  • All team members will receive a winner’s certificate



  • Will be presented at the Australasian Road Safety Conference in Perth, October 2017
  • Will receive feedback from leading creative industry and road safety experts
  • Will be part of the People’s Choice award


Up for it?

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