The Amy Gillett Foundation’s core values are:

People: At the heart of the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation is that there is a human side to every collision statistic. The organisation was born out of the tragedy of Amy Gillett’s death and it connects us with the need to drive change.

Safety: Safety is paramount and sits above a love of riding bicycles, as sometimes the right words to make people safe might not be the same words that promote cycling.

Balance: the Amy Gillett Foundation looks for the causes behind collisions and uses that knowledge to drive its activity.

Respect: the Amy Gillett Foundation is positive about the future and believes that road users can share the road in a more harmonious, mutually-respectful manner, safe together.

Collaboration: the Amy Gillett Foundation realises that the causes of collisions are multi-faceted and the solutions are too. We work together with road, safety and concerned organisations towards a shared goal of reducing death and injury on our roads.

What the Amy Gillett Foundation is not:

Civil disobedience or protest: the Amy Gillett Foundation believes that there are better ways to engage road users, and that civil disobedience or protest action can work against collaboration with the people we wish to work with.