Amy gillett

Amy Gillett was a true member of Australia’s athletic elite. The nation shared the grief of her family and team mates when she was tragically killed whilst training in Germany in July 2005.

Amy was committed to sport, having had a successful career in rowing that saw her represent Australia at the Atlanta Olympic Games, before becoming a champion cyclist.

But sport was not her only passion. Her commitment to academic endeavours was widely acknowledged.

Amy had a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science) and Honours in Human Movement. Amy had commenced her PhD which was to study how women react to life after sport, irrespective of their level, achievements and profile.

Did you know about Amy?

Team nickname: Betty
Date of Birth: 09/01/1976
Place of residence: Bunninyong, Victoria and Port Douglas, Queensland
Favourite place to train: Great Ocean Road, Victoria and Lake Como, Italy
Year started riding: 2001
Greatest sporting achievements: 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Women’s Eight
Most embarrassing moment: A few too many!
Greatest achievement: Getting married
Favourite food: Ice cream and sashimi
A person you most admire: My husband and my parents Mary and Denis.
Pet hate: People who only want to know you when you’re winning and soggy pasta!
Favourite place in the world: Our palace at Bunninyong and Low Isles at Port Douglas.

Amy's Team mates

where are they now

Katie Brown, Lorian Graham, Kate Nichols, Alexis Rhodes and Louise Yaxley are an inspiration. Their determination, resilience and strength of mind to recover are amazing and, best of all, they’re all back riding their bikes, and some of them competitively.

Mindful of life after cycling, each of them has also pursued additional study or work experience to ensure they have a career when the time comes to ‘hang up the bike’. We’re delighted to have them involved as Amy Gillett Foundation ambassadors to help us spread our messages of safe and responsible road use.

10 years after Amy’s death, Ride Media spoke to Louise Padgett, Alex Rhodes and Katie Potocki. The links to their interviews can be found below.

Remembering Amy

Title: Amy Gillett, the girl who never gave up
Author: Mike Safe

Remembering Amy is the story of the talented and courageous athlete whose tragic death during a training ride in Germany shocked the nation.

When news of Amy Gillett’s fatal accident broke, millions of Australians were deeply shocked. Amy, one of our talented but little-known athletes, had died far from home while representing her country.

Remembering Amy is the untold story of the hardworking and ambitious Australian athletes who aren’t in the spotlight, and their courage, determination and passion for their sports. It is also about a warm, vibrant and determined young woman whose life symbolised the very best about Australian sport – going as hard as you can and never giving up.

About the Author: Mike Safe has been a features writer with the Australian Magazine for over a decade. He is also Amy’s uncle.

Australian Price (inc. GST): $26.95
Australian Publication: September 2006
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

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