ACT Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users

by / Tuesday, 26 November 2013 / Published in Media release

The ACT’s Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services is now preparing to hear from witnesses for their Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users.

The AGF made a submission, which can be viewed here.

Rather than focussing solely on bicycle riders, the Inquiry will look at issues faced by all vulnerable road users, including:

  • an examination of national and international best practice approaches to protecting and encouraging vulnerable road users, including through regulation, infrastructure, design, education and funding arrangements;
  • gathering evidence from the community and experts about issues faced by vulnerable road users and potential improvements;
  • recommend changes to be made in the ACT to better protect and encourage vulnerable road users; and
  • any other relevant matter.

The Standing Committee must report by the last sitting day in April 2014.

The AGF will be appearing as a witness on Monday 3 December.