ACT pedalling towards a safer future

by / Friday, 16 May 2014 / Published in Media release

The Amy Gillett Foundation today applauded the ACT Government’s intent to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, in particular bike riders.

Tracey Gaudry, Chief Executive Officer of the AGF said the Bill introduced by Attorney General Simon Corbell MLA recognised the need for greater protection of the road’s most vulnerable users.

“The ACT’s Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users is yet to deliver their much awaited final report. Mr Corbell is demonstrating the proactivity of the ACT Government in regards to vulnerable road user safety” said Ms Gaudry.

“Safety on our roads is a responsibility shared by everyone, however a range of measures are needed to protect those who are more vulnerable including people who ride bikes on roads including infrastructure, driver and bike rider education and legislation.

“As a witness to the Inquiry, the Amy Gillett Foundation explained how statutory driving offences could apply to drivers for the safety of vulnerable road users, with associated penalties based on the severity of the offence. Vulnerable road user legislation already exists in countries overseas.

“We support legislation to address road user behaviours that place vulnerable road users at greater risk of death or serious injury.” concluded Gaudry.

The AGF looks forward to the Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services final report from the Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users.

You can read the Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 here.