AGF Partners with DoorDash Australia

The Amy Gillett Foundation have partnered with DoorDash, with the aim of improving Dasher safety across Australia.

We are proud to announce our partnership with DoorDash to deliver a national training and education program for all DoorDash riders (Dashers) across the country. As Australia’s leading cycling safety organisations, we hope to continue raising awareness of rider safety and to create a safer environment for their Dashers as well as all vulnerable road users

“We are very excited that our new partnership with DoorDash will provide safer cycling training to its Australian delivery fleet. It’s impressive to see DoorDash prioritising the safety of Dashers and our training and education will give them the tools to help make them safer. Australia has seen an incredible growth of people riding their bikes, over 10.1million Australians have ridden a bike in the last year. The Amy Gillett Foundation’s mission is to ensure all cyclists make it home safely, whether that is a mum cycling to work, a grandfather on an exercise ride, a Dasher delivering your dinner, or a young girl cycling to school,”

As part of the partnership, the Amy Gillett Foundation along with Wheel Women Australia will be developing a range of in-app tools and materials that are designed to improve rider safety, including training processes and educational guides that promote safe practices for DoorDash riders. In addition we will be working together to develop an onboarding training course called “train the trainer” in which DoorDash will enrol their Dashers to strengthen their knowledge of cycling safety.

Tina from Wheel Women will be one of the leaders of the training program

“Every day thousands of Dashers are out on the streets, delivering food, groceries, pet products, haircare and more to Aussies across the country. Our commitment to safety is a central component to our day-to-day operations and we continually seek improvements to create a stronger and safer community for customers, Dashers and merchants. We are incredibly proud to partner with the Amy Gillett Foundation to further support Dashers and ensure they have the skills and tools necessary to stay safe on our roadways.”

Rebecca Burrows, General Manager for DoorDash Australia. Tweet

AGF invests in research, education and advocacy. Everything we do is for safe cycling and we will continue this within our partnership with DoorDash, focusing on policies for vulnerable road users through an increased investment in bike lane infrastructure, further enforcement of minimum passing distance laws and speed limit reduction. 

We all have a right to be safe while cycling, yet one in five people who are injured on Australian roads are riding their bike. Every 10 days a cyclist is killed, that’s nearly 40 people each year. We know the importance of raising awareness and connecting with fellow companies like DoorDash who are passionate about getting every cyclist home to their families.

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