Amy Gillett Foundation educates Queensland Toll drivers

The Amy Gillett Foundation met truck drivers at Toll depots across Gold Coast, Brisbane and Townsville to receive education sessions as it educates the Toll workforce on its ‘a metre matters’ cycling safety messages and the new Queensland road laws.

As part of its partnership with Toll, the Foundation visited selected depots across Queensland with drivers and employees educated on how to safely share the road with cyclists by Foundation patron Simon Gillett.

The ‘a metre matters’ laws require drivers to provide  a minimum distance of one metre when overtaking a bike rider at or below 60km per hour, with that distance becoming 1.5 meters in speed zones above 60 kilometres an hour. In April this year the Queensland Government made these laws permanent following a successful two year trial period.

“Our partnership with Toll provides a vital means of spreading our cycling safety messages across Australia, engaging directly with Toll drivers and at the same time raising awareness more broadly through the road safety leadership Toll provides” said Phoebe Dunn, Chief Executive Officer of the Amy Gillett Foundation

“Toll spends more time on Australian roads than anyone else so road safety is our top priority.  Everyone deserves to get home safely, so today’s education sessions are an example of how we strive for that goal,” said Mal Grimmond, Divisional Director of Toll Domestic Forwarding.

“Recently Toll committed to a new 3-year partnership to help spread the Amy Gillett Foundation’s messages as we believe the Foundation’s work is vital for road safety across Australia.”


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