The Amy Gillett Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with Ford Australia for their Driving Skills for Life program.

Through the partnership, the Driving Skills for Life program is being enhanced to include specific skills for young drivers that will help them to share the road safely with cyclists.

“The research evidence is clear. In Australia, we do not teach drivers how to safely share the road. Nationally, there is little to no content in driver licensing or testing about sharing the road with cyclists”, said Amy Gillett Foundation CEO Phoebe Dunn. “To keep everyone safe on the road we need to make sure we protect each other when we are at our most vulnerable, when we’re cycling.”

“Education and training are vital components of achieving behaviour change and making the roads a safer place for all road users. We are looking forward to working with the team at Ford to do just that, and we commend them for their efforts to include vulnerable road users in new driver training”, she added.

Key behaviours to be included in the driver training include: safe passing distances (a metre matters), scanning checks for cyclists ahead, safe checking before opening car doors and safe turning behaviours including indicating early and making a head check, especially before turning left.

The partnership with Ford adds to the Amy Gillett Foundation’s focus on driver licensing and training to make sure all drivers are cyclist aware including:

  • Sharing Roads Safely – vulnerable road user awareness training for truck drivers, developed by the Amy Gillett Foundation for Rail Projects Victoria
  • supporting research that informed a new vulnerable road user test component in the Australian Capital Territory, the first of its kind in Australia
  • Cycle Aware – a national review of cyclist related content in state and territory driver licensing programs in partnership with the University of Adelaide, Monash University and Queensland University of Technology, CARRS-Q. This study includes a new driver training module to be trialled in early 2019
Article by AGF Media

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