Amy Gillett Foundation: Qld Inquiry into Cycling Issues will save lives

The Amy Gillett Foundation today welcomed the findings of the Inquiry into Cycling Issues and calls upon the Queensland Government to implement 65 of the 68 recommendations contained in the report tabled by the Inquiry Committee.

Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) CEO Tracey Gaudry said the comprehensive reform recommended by the Inquiry will place Queensland – and Australia if the nation follows suit – as a global leader in cycling safety.

“In our opinion, the Inquiry Committee has got it right,” said Ms Gaudry, speaking behalf of the AGF and the family of Amy Gillett.

“We applaud Minister Emerson’s support for the immediate trial of minimum overtaking distance legislation, whereby drivers will need to leave at least 1 metre in speed zones of 60km/h or less, and 1.5 metres in zones above 60km/h when overtaking bike riders.

“The Committee’s support for the prioritisation of a nationally accredited bicycle education program, such as AustCycle, for adults and children alike will create a future generation of Queenslanders who embrace cycling as a way of life and as a safe way of getting around.

“We applaud the recommendation to include mandatory cycling related material in practical and written driver licence testing.

“The Committee has recognised the importance of the role of education and awareness between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians, in concert with the implementation of improved infrastructure and legislative reform.

“The recommendation to develop a uniform code of conduct, such as the Sharing Roads and Paths resource launched in July 2013 by the AGF and VicRoads in Victoria in partnership with thirteen road user stakeholder groups, demonstrates the recognition of the benefits of multiple stakeholder groups working together.

“The Committee recognises that cyclists are inherently more vulnerable than most road users. By implementing reform encompassing infrastructure and behaviour change designed to improve the safety of cyclists, more people will take up bike riding leading to greater health, economic and environmental outcomes.

“The implementation of the recommendations will ensure the place of cycling as a safe, mainstream form of recreation and transport.

“The AGF thanks the many organisations, advocacy groups and community members who have been part of this catalyst for change.

The AGF applauds the efforts of the Committee in producing this report,” concluded Gaudry.

Article by AGF Media


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