The Amy Gillett Foundation is thrilled to be supporting the TAC in their collaboration with Deakin University, See.Sense and the iMOVE CRC to run an Australia-first trial using See.Sense’s smart bike light technology.

The technology will let cyclists who participate in the trial share insights which will go towards understanding how people ride and what impacts their safety. If the trial is successful, then the insights could be used to help inform future policy planning and infrastructure improvements for cyclists.

About the trial:

The Light Insights Trial (LiT) will invite 1,000 Victorian bike riders to participate over 12 months. Each participant will receive one of See.Sense’s ACE smart bike lights.  When cyclists are out riding the lights will enable them to share data that will offer the research team insights. The technology allows cyclists to share:

  • Cyclist crash events – including mapping collision and close pass hotspots
  • Abrupt Accelerations or Decelerations
  • Swerving
  • Road Surface Roughness
  • Average and Instantaneous Speeds
  • Dwell time
  • Origin-Destination and key routes/gateways
  • Cyclist feedback

"The Amy Gillett Foundation is proud to be supporting the Light Insights Trial, as it aligns well with our mission for safe cycling in Australia and vision for zero cyclist fatalities. We know research and trials like this are essential for building knowledge that helps make our roads safer for all. Ultimately, we hope the insights that come out of this project can result in more bike riders getting home safely to their families.”

"Whether you’re in a car, on the footpath or on a bike – every Victorian deserves a safe space on our road, and we will continue to find new ways to understand what impacts rider safety to ensure every journey is safe. The Light Insights Trial will give us insights that we’ve never had before and provide critical data that may be used to improve the road network and overall safety of all road users."

The Hon Ben Carroll MP, Minister for Roads and Roads Safety Tweet

How can you get involved?

The TAC is currently seeking expressions of interest from a diverse range of cyclists who would like to be part of the trial.

When you sign up, you will be in the running to be part of the Light Insights Trial (LiT), a 12-month trial that will see 1000 Victorians riding with a See.Sense smart bike light. Not only will your cycle data will help inform future planning, but you will also receive a free ACE bike light (RRP $80). Your only cost will be shipping (approx. $10).

Get in quick, expressions of interest close Wednesday, 21 July.

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