15 Aug 2023

The Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) welcomes the 2023/24 Federal Budget, which includes critically needed support for road safety initiatives that will improve cycling safety throughout Australia.

AGF’s innovative and impactful program Safe Roads for Safe Cycling forms part of the new National Road Safety Action Grants Program (NRSAGP). AGF is pleased that the new Program is directly framed around ‘action’, suggesting the Albanese Government is committed to change in the road safety sector, especially for vulnerable road users. The NRSAGP represents a $43.6m commitment to road safety over the next 4 years.

The Safe Roads for Safe Cycling program will deliver long-term road safety benefits that will lead to a reduction in cyclist trauma and death, as well as an increase in safe, active transport options for more Australians. Investment will focus on upskilling and collaboration across road design practitioners, while also putting best practice tools, data and mapping at their fingertips to deliver safe roads for people on bikes.

Since being announced in March 2023, the Safe Roads for Safe Cycling program is advancing well, with the AGF team collaborating with leaders in the transport data, capability building and mapping space to refine and plan our work slate for the coming years. Next phases of work will involve the development and staged delivery of safe cycling training and professional development opportunities, data refinement and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

The 2023/24 Budget also includes commitments to urban and suburban policy development and infrastructure investment. Notable elements of this include;

  • $212m for the Thriving Suburbs Program;
  • $160m for Urban Precincts and Partnerships; and
  • $11m to establish the Cities and Suburbs Unit.

AGF is fully supportive of the refreshed focus on this important element of transport and urban planning, and will continue working with the Federal Government on opportunities within these new initiatives to make bike riding safe and more viable for more Australians.

Available for interview:
Mr Dan Kneipp (pron. Ka-nipe), CEO, Amy Gillett Foundation

Mr Stuart Outhred, Head of Strategy and Research, Amy Gillett Foundation

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Every day over 20 cyclists are hospitalised with serious injuries, including brain injuries and fractures. A cyclist is killed every 10 days on Australian roads. This isn’t good enough.

The Amy Gillett Foundation’s mission is for safe cycling in Australia. Our vision is for zero deaths and a reduction in the serious injury of people riding bikes. Each year, nearly 40 people die while riding a bike on Australian roads. One in five people injured on Australian roads is a person riding a bike. The Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) was born out of the tragic death of Amy Gillett, killed while on a training ride with the Australian Women’s Cycling Team in 2005. As Australia’s leading cycling safety charity, wechampion an evidence-based approach to safe cycling. We support research, create education programs and advocate for safe cycling. We work with all levels of government, road authorities, corporate, motoring, cycling and community road safety organisations and the public to create a safe cyclist environment in Australia.