Amy Gillett Foundation CEO, Phoebe Dunn, and Board Member Dr Rod Katz, recently met with the executive team of ANCAP Safety in Canberra.

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) protection technology is now a requirement for achieving a 5 star ANCAP rating as of January 2018.  Key features of this technology are detection of pedestrians and cyclists, and autonomous emergency braking in the event that collision with a VRU is imminent.

Testing vehicles based on performance of this technology recognises that safety is more than protecting just vehicle occupants.

The Amy Gillett Foundation applauds this inclusion to the 5-star ANCAP standard and encourages anyone purchasing a new vehicle to only buy models which meet the latest 5-star standard.

The Amy Gillett Foundation will continue to work with ANCAP to spread the word to new car buyers on the merits of 5 star safety ratings on vehicles. The Foundation will also continue to work to ensure that these technologies are mandatory on all new vehicles sold in Australia in the near future.

Find out more about ANCAP safety ratings here:

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