On the eve of the 2019 Federal Election, here are links to cycling related commitments made by the major political parties:




Australian Greens – ‘$1 Billion for Bikes’


Policy focus (verbatim):

  • Create a network of safe and continuous bicycle routes

  • Develop end-of-trip facilities (such as showers and lockers) that encourage cycling

  • Invest in safe and secure bicycle storage at train stations and major hubs

  • Make cycling safer by creating separated bicycle lanes, prioritising high-risk corridors

  • Boost bike tourism by building regional bike trails and facilities


Australian Labor Party – ‘National Bike Strategy’


Policy focus: 

  • $260 million to upgrade cycling paths

  • ALP to partner to State and Territory governments to increase investment

  • Plan to involve targeting missing links and growing cycling tourism


Liberal Party of Australia – ‘Keeping Australians Safe on Our Roads’


Policy focus: 

  • General road improvements

  • Driver education and awareness initiatives

  • Road safety investment – ANCAP, Australasian College of Road Safety among others

  • No specific mention of cycling initiatives



Article by AGF Media

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