Help us make bike riding safer in Victoria

Would you like bike riding to be safer in Victoria?

Here’s your chance to help us make a difference.

The Parliament of Victoria is conducting an inquiry into minimum overtaking distance laws – as you know, we call it ‘a metre matters’.

This is our opportunity to impress upon the Victorian parliament that a metre matters, and a metre matters now.

There’s good reason why we are campaigning for a metre matters in Victoria – to make cycling safer. However for some the evidence is not enough to support making bike riding safer for everyone.

We will be making a submission to the inquiry and we encourage all Amy Gillett Foundation supporters to do the same. Further details can be found here on how to make a submission to the Victorian inquiry.

You may be surprised to learn that to date Bicycle Network has not supported minimum overtaking distance laws in Victoria or elsewhere. In their words, it’s because they “haven’t been convinced that changing the laws will measurably reduce the risk for all riders.”

Now that minimum overtaking distance rules are in force in South Australia, with trials underway in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT and a version of these laws in Tasmania, Bicycle Network has announced they are assessing their position on the issue of a metre matters.

Feedback from Queensland and South Australia has been overwhelmingly positive and bike riders are reporting they are feeling safer.

We welcome this announcement from Bicycle Network and congratulate them on reviewing their position.

So, if you’re a Bicycle Network member (and even if you’re not) and would like Bicycle Network to support our efforts to make bike riding safer in Victoria through the introduction of a metre matters laws, please follow this link to make your submission.

Tell Bicycle Network why you think ensuring vehicles provide at least a metre when you ride will make your journey safer.

To help, we provide below a few links to our resources on a metre matters, including why it matters, a handy Q and A and the rationale for a minimum overtaking distance which goes even deeper into the issue and our position.

We encourage you to pen your own words, however if it helps, we have a draft letter available for download here that may assist you with your submission. Please feel free to share this with your networks.

We thank you for your ongoing support as we strive to have a metre matters laws in all Australian States and Territories as part of our continuing effort to make bike riding safer in Australia.

Phoebe Dunn – Chief Executive Officer
Amy Gillett Foundation

Article by AGF Media

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