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[h1a] Create. Pitch. Influence. [/h1a]


The Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) invite you to create a video which answers the question: How can cyclists and truck drivers share the road safely?

Make a video and help us find ways to make roads safer for all Australians.


[h1a] What we know [/h1a]


[blockquote author=””] Trucks are overrepresented in cyclist crashes – ie the amount of times a crash involves a truck, is more than what you would expect based on the number of trucks on our roads  [/blockquote]

[blockquote author=””] Fewer than 5% of all cyclist crashes involve a heavy vehicle BUT over a third of all fatality crashes involve a heavy vehicle. Meaning, if you are hit by a truck while riding it is more likely you will be seriously injured or killed [/blockquote]

[blockquote author=””] It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to choose trucks over bikes or vice versa – both can share the road safely. There are many things we can do to improve safety for people driving trucks and people riding bikes. [/blockquote]


[h1a] The Specs [/h1a]


LENGTH 30 – 90 seconds
STYLE flexible but always respectful – think a TAC-style public service announcement or education campaign
QUALITY Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, 720p minimum
CREW Maximum of four people per team, or you can enter as an individual
COPYRIGHT Please follow best practice guidelines regarding fair use of others’ material (ie music)

ENTRIES CLOSE midnight Monday September 24 – LAST DAYS!!

By entering this competition you agree to allow the AGF to use your content for competition promotion

[h2a] Categories[/h2a]

[h3a] 1. Best Creative Entry [/h3a]
Judged by a panel of road safety and communication experts at the Australasian Road Safety Conference.

Finalists will attend or be video-linked in to pitch their entry to the panel.


  • $300 cash for the team
  • the 2018 Safe Together Best Creative Entry trophy
  • a 5-day internship with TAC Marketing Team in Victoria
  • a boosted online campaign valued at $25k with your winning entry


[h3a] 2. People’s Choice [/h3a]
Judged by popular vote in the weeks leading up to the conference and announced after a live vote at the Australasian Road Safety Conference.


  • $200 cash for the team
  • the 2018 Safe Together People’s Choice trophy


[h1a] More Info  [/h1a]


[h3a] Our Approach to Road Safety [/h3a]

The Amy Gillett Foundation is committed to creating a safe cycling environment in Australia.

We use the Safe System approach to improve road safety, a method of best practice used by road safety experts across Australia and throughout the world.


The Safe System Approach

Safe roads – bike lanes that are away from opening car doors

Safe people – safe driver and passenger behaviour and safe cycling behaviour

Safe vehicles – Anti-dooring vehicle technology and safe bicycles with working brakes and lights at low times

Safe speeds – cyclists travelling at speeds that allow them to stop to avoid a car door and safe vehicle speeds to reduce the crash risk if a cyclist does need to swerve


Your entry might choose to focus on any of these areas


[h3a] What does the AGF do? [/h3a]

Education for heavy vehicle operators (trucks, buses etc) – We work extensively with Toll to deliver education to drivers across Australia. We’re also working with the Melbourne Rail Authority and others to make sure these drivers skills are prioritised.

Be Bright, Be Seen  – Promoting cyclist visibility – wearing lights, wearing reflective gear, riding predictably – anything to improve the chance to be seen

Research and submissions to government inquiries and authorities


[h1a] ENTRIES NOW OPEN [/h1a]  Register here for more info

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