Welcome to the We Remember online community where families/individuals can share their story or read about/watch other stories about Amy Gillett and the lives lost while riding a bike on Australian roads. 2015 is a significant year for the Amy Gillett Foundation as it marks ten years since the passing of Amy Gillett on July 18 2005.

The AGF receives no ongoing government funding. By contributing financially you will directly support an AGF initiative that makes a difference to cycle safety in the community.

You can donate by direct deposit, cheque or online. All donations $2.00 and above are tax deductable. Click here to donate.

We hope you share your story or leave a message of hope for safer bicycling in Australia.

Visit the Amy Gillett Foundation Facebook page to see the photo wall featuring personal messages and pictures of individuals wearing the ‘We Remember’ commemorative pin.We Remember Facebook





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  1. Pam Hollibone July 2, 2015 Reply

    That is so beautiful – thank you for sharing. The Safe family & the AGF should be very proud of the legacy they have created in Amy’s memory.

  2. maria szczerba July 3, 2015 Reply

    Hi Mary Denis Simon Rhys.Thoughts and Prayers to you always. A pleasure to be and help the Amy Gillett Foundation and to have done Amy’s ride 4 times already and will be doing 2015 with you all. 2005 is special to me in remembering Amy as its the first master’s games i had done and always followed Amy Alexis and girls on their journey. And Races Germany. Thankyou for all you do with Amy gillett foundation and see you next ride! Keep in touch with next launch!

  3. Gina O'Shea July 5, 2015 Reply

    I was just going over the story of Amy, as we have just lost our 17 yr old cuz hit by a car whilst cycling. It has just broken my family especially my uncle, aunt and cousin. Funeral this Tuesday 7th July in Mount Martha vic. Joel was a very careful rider. We will remember those lost on our roads!! In our hearts always

  4. Melinda Jacobsen July 17, 2015 Reply

    I never met Amy, yet feel like I know her from all her family & friends I’ve come to know since the Foundation was established. What an honour & a privilege it has been for me, to play a part in creating Amy’s legacy – the Amy Gillett Foundation – and watch it evolve into an influential voice in the road safety space. With best wishes to Mary & Denis (& Georgina) for their strength; and to all the Board members & staff, past & present, for your commitment & passion.

  5. Margaret Churcher July 18, 2015 Reply

    to Mary, Dennis, Georgie, Simon & all those who new & loved Amy, my thoughts are with you on this day 10 years on.
    Today whilst out riding I found myself shedding a tear, thinking of what you all went through 10 years ago and what all families, including my own experience when losing a loved one or ons, in this way.
    Thank you too, all those involved in the Amy Gillet Foundation. For your tireless work and the difference you are making, for the safety of cyclists in Australia. Also for the potential impact, that the changes you are making will have on the attitudes of Australians towards each other out there on our roads and therefore, as a result of this, everywhere.

    Margaret Churcher

  6. Irene Rose July 18, 2015 Reply

    To Mary, Denis and Georgina such a lovely tribute to Amy. I cannot believe it is 10years, I still remember the shock of Denis telling me that tragically yes it was your Amy. You have worked so hard and made sure that Amy’s spirit and love of life and sport lives on forever. It was so nice to hear your voice on here Mary took me back to our days teaching together (other lessons in life on safety). 🙂 Cheers Irene and Michael xxx

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