Like a local

Live, Drive, Ride like a local features the stories of eleven local leaders from the Alpine Region, who share their fears and their solutions for greater harmony on the road.

Based on research evidence, this awareness raising campaign seeks to re-humanise cyclists, a particularly vulnerable and sometimes marginalised group of road users.

By pointing out the importance of a wave or a nod hello to let other road users know you’ve seen them, Live, Drive, Ride like a local  centres on the need for acknowledgement and visibility not only on the road, but also in the community.

Live drive ride

Take the pledge to take a little extra care on the roads and keep each other safe.

"I pledge to see cyclists as human. All it takes is a wave and to say g’day, it can make a real difference."

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Live, Drive, Ride like a local campaign development was led by Monash University and RMIT University with expertise in sociology, law and design, in collaboration with the Alpine Shire Council. This project demonstrates the power and potential of interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to road safety to produce true and human messages and perspectives for the community.

Funded by a TAC Community Road Safety Grant, Alpine Shire Council and donations to the Amy Gillett Foundation.