Mary and Denis Safe – 10 years of the Amy Gillett Foundation

As Amy’s parents, we view the Amy Gillett Foundation as a living legacy of Amy’s life.

Nothing can ever erase the memory of Amy’s death, but just knowing that the AGF’s programmes are contributing to the community means such a lot to us.

Out of such sorrow from a senseless tragedy, something positive began 10 years ago and will continue way into the future.

Over the years it has given us a new sense of purpose and direction in our own personal lives, helping us to move forward again. In fact it has been a major influence in dealing with our grief over the years.

Like all elite athletes, Amy had a passion and commitment always for her chosen sport.

She was also quite simply an eternal optimist. I observe with pleasure that those same qualities are also reflected in the AGF, not only in its work and business practices but also in its dedicated Board members and workers , over the years.

It has been our pleasure to meet and talk with so many people who care about safe cycling over these past 10 years. We thank them all for their continuing support as the AGF continues to strive for respect between road users as we really learn how to share the road.

Attitude and awareness are two crucial factors in ensuring safety on our roads.

All of us have a part to play in reducing death and injury on our roads. On every journey we make it is imperative that we check our attitude i.e. everyone has the right to arrive home safely but also we must be completely aware at all times of what is going on around us i.e. cycling and driving with no distractions to ensure the safety of all.

Denis and I both look forward with passion and optimism to the future of this amazing Foundation and what we can all achieve by working together over the next 10 years!

Article by AGF Media

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