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Safe Together ~ May 2017
Welcome to the May edition of Safe Together
In this edition:
  • A metre matters update – pedalling closer to uniform laws across the country
  • Go Long, Go Short, Go Gravel, Go Watch at Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo
  • AMA(NSW) cycling with care
  • Regulatory developments: continuing our push for safe cycling at the NSW Government driver training inquiry
  • Safe together video competition launched this month to solve ‘car dooring’ – entries close mid-August
  • Rubbish to some, treasure to others – how we scored a fully-branded cyclist-aware rubbish truck – seriously!
  • Vie Activewear bras and leggings support us in May
  • Mid-year featured safety product: Revolights

AMM update – success in WA, and progress in Victoria – so close but no prize yet

Western Australia has joined the majority of Australian States and Territories to take positive steps to make cycling safer, with the new Western Australian Government confirming its commitment to a trial of a metre matters (minimum passing distance) laws.

We have been working closely with our friends at Westcycle to achieve this excellent outcome and congratulate and thank them for their efforts.

As previously reported, in March this year the Victorian Government announced a year-long education campaign on recommended minimum passing distances but decided not to take the next steps of trialing or making a metre matters laws permanent at this time.

Earlier this month, the Victorian a metre matters laws got a momentary renewed lease of life, with the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 (Overtaking Bicycles) Bill 2015 brought on for debate by the Greens and passed by the Victorian Legislative Council on 10 May, only to be voted down by the Government in the Assembly later that day.

Naturally, we welcomed the support given by the Coalition for this important Bill in the upper house of the Victorian parliament. This confirmed the wide support for safer cycling laws that follows both last year’s Parliamentary Inquiry, which recommended this become law in Victoria, as well as community attitudes research we commissioned showing Victorians are overwhelmingly in favour, with 9 out of 10 supporting the law. 

Disappointingly, Victoria remains the only state in Australia that does not have a metre matters laws in place permanently, in trial or on pledge.

We continue our efforts to enshrine this important road safety law in Victoria. In the meantime, we are working with the Andrews Government and the Transport Accident Commission to ensure the education campaign is as effective as it can be in the absence of legislation, in pursuit of our goal of a safer cycling environment in Victoria.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo is… go, go, GO!

This September, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road will again be home to Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo (Italian for a big bike ride) and this year there’s a stack of new events making it more exciting than ever before.

Now in its seventh year, Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo offers an impressive endorphin-inducing weekend of cycling to watch in awe or participate with vigour all on fully-closed roads with the spectacular natural backdrop that is the Great Ocean Road.

With events and distances to appeal to all in your family, from the youngest through to the most enthusiastic of cyclists, here’s a snapshot:

  • Go Long – 45km Otway Pork Medio Fondo or 120km Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo with 2021m vertical climbing
  • Go Short 14km Family Fondos at both Lorne & Apollo Bay
  • Go Gravel 65km Amy’s Gravel Fondo – The perfect ride for those who want to take their riding off the bitumen and onto the gravel including 1,500 metres of climbing – ideal for those who prefer mountain or cyclocross bikes to road bikes.
  • Go CycloCross – CycloCross racing takes to the Apollo Bay foreshore, yep, on the beach. This event will take place on Saturday 16 September, enabling entrants to participate in this event as well as one of the longer rides on the Sunday, or just take in the spectacle.
  • Go Wall – Challenge yourself to a new feat, by taking part in Amy’s Wall – a hill sprint to add to the challenge – while only measuring 110 metres long, Amy’s Wall has an average gradient of 15% (yup, it’s quite steep!).
  • Go Wiggle – Go further this winter with ‘spend and save’ deals from Wiggle here

Don’t delay, start your training and enter here.

Go Watch – Take in the atmosphere across the Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo cycling festival with so much to do and see for participant and spectator alike, including the Women’s & Men’s Subaru National Road Series events, with a new criterium course that now includes the infamous Amy’s Wall (wow! this will be exciting, bring the popcorn!!).

Go Plan your trip and make the most of your weekend, with plenty to choose from in this spectacular part of the world:

  • Visit the Great Ocean Road for tips on making your Apollo Bay and Lorne stay special
  • Book accommodation with Cumberland Lorne, Great Ocean Road Real Estate and others here
  • Special car hire & bike rack deals with Europcar here

A special thanks to all our partners helping us put on the safest and most popular mass participation event on closed roads.

AMA (NSW): cycling with care and the AGF

To address the continued incidence of road trauma from cyclists, the NSW branch of the Australian Medical Association has joined with us to promote our safe cycling messages of ‘It’s a two way street’ and a metre matters, which is under trial in NSW. Given the popularity of cyclists amongst its membership they’re putting a team together for our Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo in September.

Heading the peloton for the AMA is keen cyclist Dr Aquilina, who has been cycling for almost 40 years and is acutely aware of the conditions on the roads for fellow cyclists.

“I think most of the accidents are caused by ignorance. I don’t think most people go out of their way to intimidate cyclists, but there is certainly a subset of people that – for whatever reason – find it entertaining to buzz cyclists.”

Prompting the association, the latest road fatality data reveals there were 32 cycling deaths in Australia in 2016. Cyclists comprise 3% of all road fatalities and 15% of all road hospitalisations. These proportions are higher today than five years ago with almost 85% of reported cyclist casualty rates involving another vehicle.

There is clearly a good fit between our mutual cycling safer goals and other AMA (NSW) public health advocacy campaigns, particularly obesity, climate health policy and doctors’ mental health and wellbeing.

“Despite the road tragedies that sometimes occur, cycling is an enjoyable activity that has many health benefits, including cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, and improved stress levels among other things. And the more we can do to make cycling safer, the more people will be inclined to take part in this activity” said Dr Aquilina.

Our Safe Together video competition launched this month to help stamp out ‘car dooring’

This year our Safe Together Video Competition aims to stop car dooring, a serious road safety issue for all road users. The competition calls on university students and our supporters to create a short video clip to help solve the issue of car dooring.

Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their videos to a panel of road safety and communications experts at the 2017 Australasian College of Road Safety Conference in October.

Details here with entries closing midnight August 14, 2017.

Regulatory developments – we continue our push for safe cycling at the NSW Government driver training inquiry

As a follow up activity to our submission earlier this year, we recently appeared before the NSW Staysafe Committee Inquiry into Driver education, Training and Road Safety.

We spoke of our concerns about the lack of cyclist-related content in the education and training of learner drivers, specifically:

  • that drivers are currently not taught how to safely interact with cyclists on the road which can lead to frustration and discomfort for drivers unfamiliar with cycling and an unsafe road environment for cyclists, and
  • addressing the gaps identified in our written submission, including providing for consistent education, training and testing requirements relating to vulnerable road users across Australia. This will help improve the safety of cyclists and create a more harmonious and safer road environment for all.

Read our submission here:…/AGF-Submission-to-NSW-Staysa…

While attending the recent NSW Government 2021 Road Safety planning session, it was acknowledged that Police statistics capture
only 20% of cycling trauma.
The Foundation remains committed to calling for more thorough and complete data collection to better record, report and recommend policy changes for vulnerable road users.

One person’s rubbish is another one’s treasure as Blacktown Council partners with social responsibility agencies to leverage new fleet opportunities

Thanks to a wonderful initiative from Blacktown City Council, we now have a fully-pink branded rubbish collection vehicle taking our a metre matters message to the streets every day!

“Blacktown City Council is committed to raising social awareness about important issues in the community,” the Mayor of Blacktown City, Councillor Stephen Bali said.

Our branded truck is one of six “candy coloured garbage” trucks which carry the colours and community messages of Black Dog Institute (orange), Cancer Council NSW (yellow and purple), Diabetes NSW & ACT (blue),  Keep NSW Beautiful (white) and Redkite (red).

“Council wanted to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility by having our new garbage trucks painted in a variety of colours with relevant social messaging,” Mayor Bali said.

“The trucks have to be bought and painted and signed up anyway, so there is no additional cost to the ratepayer, but there is a lot of additional worth by being creative about the colouring and signage.”

Based on the cost of advertising on a bus, the trucks are an advertising gift to the groups of around $35,000 a year for ten years, Mayor Bali said.

The trucks, from Dennis Eagle in the UK, have pedigree in protecting cyclists through their innovative design which has a low driver position and much larger glass area providing a panoramic view to make vulnerable road users more visible.

To celebrate the launch of our truck, our weekend social media post has been extremely popular with an audience of more than 28,000 on Facebook, shared 78 times, liked by 380, with over 100 new-to-AGF page likes which are all enviable metrics in the social media landscape.

Congratulations to the Blacktown City Council for taking this innovative approach and setting such a progressive example to all other fleet operators around Australia – taking a leadership approach by promoting social change under their social responsibility charter.

  • For anyone with interest and connections that would like to enhance their fleet with our messaging please contact the Foundation on 03 8506 0675 or email us.

AGF is a registered charity with DGR status

We’re the only national cycling advocacy organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. We do not receive ongoing funding from governments and rely on the generosity of our partners and supporters to pursue our aims.

You can donate online here anytime:

Vie Activewear supports AGF through sales of bras and leggings

With a close connection to our cause, pioneer US active wear brand Vie Activewear, has been running a promotion this month where we receive a contribution from the sales of various items from their range.

To see the deals visit:

Thank you Vie Activewear for your support!

For anyone with interest and connections that would like to support us with a similar arrangement please contact the Foundation on 03 8506 0675 or email us.

Mid-Year Featured Safety Product: Revolights

With many of our commutes now in total or near total darkness, effective lighting when cycling is a must. If you’re looking for that extra device to be seen, and noticed and for drivers to steer clear of, consider a set of Revolights.
Easily attached to your wheels, these smart rings of LEDs display white light out the front and red out the back. Incredibly innovative through design and function, these lights are truly amazing. Seriously, check them out here.

For your discount remember to quote “AGFWIN” in the checkout. We also receive a small donation through each sale.

To get more staff commuting, the crew from Revolights have created a corporate program involving their lights, see the details here.

Thanks to the wonderful support of our Foundation partners, including:

F I N D   U S   O N L I N E   H E R E



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