Rembering Amy for a Reason

Remembering Amy for a Reason is a road safety awareness and life skills program currently delivered to school aged children (both primary and secondary) in South Australia and Victoria by Amy’s mum, Mary Safe.

It is aimed at helping to educate the next generation about the importance of taking responsibility on the road whether riding a bike or driving a car. In the past four years, over 16,000 children have benefited from the program.

Testimonials from North Haven Primary School students (SA)

“Mary explained about road safety and the need to wear helmets correctly, also about the relationship between cyclists and drivers. ‘Remembering Amy’ means a lot. It means to inspire, to help, to achieve, to love and most importantly to remember great people like Amy.”


“I gained a lot during Mary Safe’s visit, such as information regarding Mary Safe’s daughter’s life. Amy Gillett was a very persistent person, who set a lot of goals in her life. I also gained information about cycling, such as where to ride on the road, and what to wear when cycling.”


Testimonial from a Birregurra Primary School teacher (VIC)

“Mary’s presentation was very touching and sent a strong message about about the importance of bike safety. The four ‘A’s for Amy has also provided the students with motivation to succeed in all aspects of life, not just sport. We would like to thank Mary for her time and wish the Foundation all the best as it spreads a vitally important message.”