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In light of the 15th anniversary of Amy Gillett’s tragic death on 18 July 2005, AGF embarked on a new tradition to honour her memory through our inaugural Remembering Amy Giving Day. The one-day fundraising challenge encourages supporters to help us continue our cycle safety research, education and advocacy to reach our vision of zero cyclist deaths.

Each year, this date reinforces our commitment to make it safe for people to ride home to the people they love. In the 15 years since Amy’s death, cyclists continue to die preventable deaths on Australian roads. Alarmingly, this year we have already seen a 50% increase in cyclist deaths compared to this time last year.

On the eve of the anniversary, Mary Safe (Amy’s Mum), Dan Kneipp (AGF CEO) and Chantelle Pritchard (a rider who suffered injuries from a hit and run in Melbourne earlier this year) talked to 7NEWS about the need for urgent action to protect cyclists amidst the recent boom in cycling participation witnessed across the country due to COVID-19.

Fifteen years into our journey towards a safe future for cyclists, we’re humbled by the impact that Amy has left on the world. While we wish that this milestone did not exist, the sense of community that we felt on July 21 warms our hearts.

On this day 15 years ago, I received the most shocking and heart-breaking phone call. I was at home with my parents…

Posted by Jenny Macpherson on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Throughout the day, friends and ambassadors shared a flood of memories, words of encouragement and donations while local groups rallied together to show their support by hosting mini-fundraising teams, which saw 15 teams raise a combined total of $20,841.

This energy translated into a massively successful day and we couldn’t be happier to announce that our first-ever Remembering Amy Giving Day ended with more than $100,000 raised for AGF – more than double our original fundraising target! 

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we look forward to continuing our commitment to stop preventable cyclist deaths and save more lives.

On July 18, just as every day, we remember Amy, who’s positive spirit continues to guide us as we work towards our vision of zero cyclist deaths.

AGF Ambassador Olivia Gollan Remembers Amy and Calls for Safe Roads for Cyclists

🚴‍♀️ Less than 48 Hours until our Remembering Amy Giving Day is live! 🚴‍♀️AGF Ambassador and friend of Amy's, Olivia Gollan, is a passionate cycling safety advocate who wants to feel safe riding on Australian roads. It's been 15 years since Amy Gillett was killed. Every cyclist’s death is preventable. With your help, we can save more lives.Show your support:✅ Sign up to be reminded when we're live✅ Create a team and run a mini fundraiser✅ Spread the wordStand with us. Support research, education and advocacy to make our roads safe for cyclists 👊#RememberingAmy#StopPreventableCyclistDeaths#15HoursToMakeChange #SafeRoadsFor

Posted by Amy Gillett Foundation on Saturday, July 18, 2020
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