Ride for Luke Azzopardi Memorial

The Cairns Cycling Club held their memorial ‘Ride for Luke Azzopardi’ on 9th April 2022. Luke tragically lost his life in 2021 following a crash with a driver during a training ride near Cairns. 

Luke was 19 at the time of his death, but even at his young age, he had a great impact on the cycling community and those around him. As well as being a beloved brother, friend and son, Luke was a talented state champion cyclist and endurance rider who made his mark in the cycling community through his dedication and passion for the sport.

The ‘Ride for Luke Azzopardi’ had a great turn out of people including those who knew and loved Luke, as well as those getting involved in cycling and aiming to increase awareness of cyclist safety. 

Luke’s family were incredibly pleased with the turn out to remember Luke and they are grateful for everyone showing so much love for their son. 

Many people in the community are taking action to improve Safe Cycling in response to Luke’s crash, the Azzopardi family in partnership with the AGF have launched a safe cycling campaign aimed to reduce road trauma and promote cyclist safety. You can watch the campaign video below. 

The Amy Gillett Foundation, would like to send our support and condolences to Luke’s friends and family. Cycling deaths are completely avoidable and horrible. We will continue to strive towards our mission of zero deaths on the road and we aim to ensure that Safe Cycling is a reality across Australia. 

To learn more about Luke’s legacy and story and to hear from his family,  you can read more below. 

Article by AGF Media

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