Sharing the roads & paths

Sharing Roads and Paths provides you with information about rules and safe behaviours when interacting with bicycle riders or when you are riding.

Cyclists, drivers, motor bike riders and pedestrians are all legitimate users of the road system.

The Sharing Roads and Paths guide was officially launched on Wednesday 17th July 2013.

You can download a copy of Sharing Roads and Paths here.

A guide for all Victorians, Sharing Roads and Paths highlights six key elements, some of which include:

Road Rules

  • know and obey the road rules
  • know your responsibilities
  • obey road signs and signals
  • bicycles are considered vehicles and are permitted on the road, unless signed, even if there is a nearby off-road path

Be alert

  • be aware and anticipate the next moves of all road users, especially children and older people
  • make eye contact with road users, especially at intersections
  • use audio devices at low volume to allow you to hear what is going on around you
  • green bike lanes highlight high-risk areas
  • look out for pedestrians crossing the road

Be predictable

  • be clear about your intentions
  • when changing direction, indicate with sufficient notice to other road users

Be courteous

  • be considerate and patient on all roads and paths
  • acknowledge good behaviour
  • don’t respond to road rage or harassment


Bicycle rider

Cyclists include anyone riding a bicycle


Pedestrians include people on foot, wheeled devices such as skateboards, rollerblades, wheelchairs and motorised mobility devices


Drivers include people operating a car, bus or truck

Supporting partners

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