• There are more than 380,000 learner permits issued in Australia every year. New drivers represent one of the most collision-road-right-newprone road user groups.
  • In 2008, the AGF developed Road-Right, a web-based interactive national learner driver initiative. The objective of the program is to educate new motorists to safely interact with bike riders as well as to develop positive behaviours and attitudes towards their fellow road users.
  • Road-Right encourages learner drivers to answer ten questions online relating to cyclists and motorists sharing the roads. All questions are derived from existing licence tests and have been vetted by the State licensing authorities. With so much to cover in a driving exam, the program was developed with the high probability that the learner driver will not be asked any questions relating to driver/bike rider interaction.
  • So far, 64% of Road-Right entrants have correctly answered all questions – while this is promising, these results clearly indicate that specific bike-related education for new motorists is desperately needed.

Road-Right included a competition in 2008/09/10 in conjunction with the Australian Driver Trainers Association and the State licensing authorities, and with the support of Mazda who provided a car as an annual major prize. Road-Right has attracted more than 60,000 entries over the 2-year period.

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This months Motorist Awareness Tip

  • Develop a pattern to always ‘open the door with the opposite hand’ so as to be forced to turn and look back before getting out, which avoids opening a car door into the path of bicycle riders.



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