SA Minister for Transport and Adelaide Lord Mayor launch cycle safety campaign

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure the Hon Patrick Conlon and the Hon. Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood today launched the national Cycle Safe Communities campaign calling for all national councils to spread the ‘A Metre Matters’ message as pro-cyclists including Stuart O’Grady, Brad McGee, Wesley Sulzberger, Rachel Neylan & Rochelle Gilmore joined 32 amateur riders to take off on the Amy Gillett Foundation’s seven day Share the Road tour from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure the Hon Patrick Conlon this morning congratulated the Amy Gillett Foundation and the Share the Road riders on their commitment to ride to Melbourne and spread the ‘A Metre Matters’ message to help reduce the incidents of accidents caused by side swiping.

“Cycling safety is not simply about finding infrastructure that separates cyclists from cars. The truth is we will never reach a truly safe environment until we modify the space between people’s ears where they do their thinking. Because what happens isn’t that there are cars and bikes on roads, there are people on bikes and people in cars and what we need to do is make them more aware of each other’s needs and interests… and it cuts both ways,” Conlon said.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood challenged riders at this morning’s Share the Road tour launch not just to preach to the converted but to speak to those people who think cycling doesn’t have a place on the roads and who think roads are just for one mode of transport.

“I’m a passionate believer that while we only have 20 per cent of people who own bikes actually using them – which is a real shame because 70 per cent of South Australian actually own bikes – the reason they don’t get on their bikes is because, quite simply, it’s not safe,” Yarwood said.

Pro-cyclist Stuart O’Grady who joined 32 amateur cyclists as they took off on the charity ride from Adelaide to Melbourne said he and the other riders had a message of cycling safety to take back to their local members.

“People have to realise that there are more and more bike riders and there are more and more cars on the road –respect each other, share the road and that one a metre really does matter,” O’Grady said.

The 32 riders participating in 1043 km Share the Road have so far raised over $221,000 through individual sponsorship efforts in exchange for the unique opportunity to experience a week in the life of a UCI Pro Tour cyclist. Monies raised will go towards encouraging local councils nationally to spread the ‘A Metre Matters’ message through the Cycle Safe Communities campaign.

The Share the Road tour is an initiative of the Amy Gillett Foundation whose vision is to achieve zero bike fatalities in Australia through safe cycling education and awareness campaigns.

The Share the Road tour departed from Adelaide today and will and ride through Meningie, Robe,Mt Gambier, Port Fairy, Port Campbell and Lorne before arriving in Melbourne via the Queenscliff – Sorrento ferry on Sunday 9 December. Businesses and individuals can make donations and sponsor riders in the Share the Road tour by

The AGF is a charitable organisation that aims to reduce the incidence of death and injury in bike riders through safety awareness and education. To help realise their mission of safe cycling and zero bike fatalities in Australia, the AGF holds a number of cycling events each year. Share the Road tour is the major fundraising event for the Amy Gillett Foundation and has raised over $700,000 over the past four years.

Article by AGF Media


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