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Sharing Roads Safely is a training course developed suitable for heavy vehicle drivers to increase safe interactions with vulnerable road users, specifically motorbike riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

Based on international best practice, the course was developed in consultation with the government, the heavy vehicle industry and vulnerable road user groups for drivers in Australia.

Sharing Roads Safely is a recognised training course and meets compliance requirements for vulnerable road user awareness training.

  • Designed for Australian drivers
  • Meets government project contract requirements for driver training


Sharing Roads Safely is designed and delivered to help keep everyone safe on our roads.

Heavy vehicles are essential to major infrastructure projects that are being built across Australia. As trucks travel on already crowded streets, it is more likely that drivers will need to interact with increasing number of people walking and riding.


Sharing Roads Safely is based on international best practice. In particular, the course was informed by Safe Urban Driving, the heavy vehicle driver training course developed by Transport for London and the heavy vehicle industry as part of the Construction Logistics and Community Safety or CLOCS program. The UK course has been delivered over 100,000 times and demonstrated significant reductions in crashes between heavy vehicles and vulnerable road users.

However, it’s essential that a course delivered in Australia is suitable for Australian road conditions. The Amy Gillett Foundation collaborated with government and the construction industry for 12 months to develop an Australian course to improve safety on Australian roads.


Module 1

The online module, which can be completed at any time, is an introduction to the Safe System approach. The module establishes the importance of vulnerable road user training and includes information and practical advice for key scenarios.

Module 2

This face-to-face workshop is delivered by a facilitator and includes discussions and interactive activities that cover the four key topics. Flexible training times and locations (including on-site) are available.

Module 3

The on-road module includes a short skills test and rider safety assessment. Professional cycling coaches lead the drivers on a bike ride along a designated route that has been safety audited to maximise drivers’ experience and mitigate risks. The module includes a walking activity. Bicycle hire, including an electric bike option and helmets are included. Customised route options are available.

Sharing Roads Safely is currently offered nationally with flexible training times and locations available.

The course cost is $393 per person.

Module 1 Available on demand
Module 2 and
Module 3

Regularly scheduled or can be arranged on demand.

Class size: minimum 10 drivers, maximum 15 drivers

Price includes bicycles, helmets and insurance. Electric bikes are also available.

For new routes for Module 3, an independent on-road safety audit is required with a set-up cost of $2,950-$5,900. This independent assessment is an insurance requirement and is valid for repeated training programs until there are major road infrastructure changes that alter the risk assessment of the route.

Prices are current as of 1 July 2021.

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To date, Sharing Roads Safely has been delivered to heavy vehicle operators on major infrastructure projects across Victoria.

Overwhelmingly, the training is a positive experience for drivers who report that the training is relevant, helpful and often that they’d like the bike ride to be longer

83% of drivers

report an improved attitude towards vulnerable road users

90% of drivers

report the training was useful

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