Thank you for making Giving Day a success.

18 Mar 2022

With over 820 donors, we were able to raise over $314,000, smashing our $280,000 target. The team here at the Amy Gillett Foundation are humbled by the amount of support we’ve received from you all.

March 10, Giving Day Day – Olderfleet 477 Collins St.

It was an amazing day and thanks to the team at Mirvac, we rolled out the pink carpet, the Brompton Bikes and transformed the lobby into a pink hive of activity including a spinning wheel, dishing out prizes thanks to Goodwill Wines.

The Cycle Collective spin classes saw Mitch Docker take on the best from Peer Legal and Deliotte, while John Trevorrow took on Renata from ICE along with a special line-up of riders we had throughout the day. We were very proud to see our AGF staff keep a spin bike rolling all day to ride a combined 207km! But the biggest crowds were reserved for a special Landers & Rogers session, where a team of 6 went up against Dan Prioetto in a “Beat Dan” challenge.

After a good sweat-out, we were all grateful to freshen up in Olderfleet’s world class end-of-trip facilities before heading down for a drink in the Work Club Global VIP area, where the Detour Podcast captured the day’s action. Dan Jones and John Trevorrow had great time helping us fundraise and interviewing the likes of Phil AndersonDan KnieppAGF staff and VIPs.

March What Giving Day is All About – Safe Roads for Safe Cycling

Giving Day’s energy and excitement was to help raise funds for our new Safe Roads for Safe Cycling program. Currently, 20 cyclists are hospitalised each day in Australia and one cyclist is killed every nine days. This is preventable. This program aims to save lives through safe bike lanes and road shoulders, and to create a positive shift in attitudes towards cyclists of all ages.

The support shown on Giving Day highlights the importance of our work and the benefits that Safe Cycling brings. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but we are really excited to start delivering Safe Roads for Safe Cycling, and sharing our progress with you.


A huge thank you to the Coterie Group, who matched the donations on the day. Thanks to all of the Giving Day supporters, Peer legalLander & RogersGoodwill WineCycle CollectiveWork Club GlobalDetour PodcastDoorDashPitcher Partners & BuiltBrompton Bikes and, of course Mirvac for the wonderful space that Olderfleet, 477 Collins St for the wonderful space they provided us.

A massive thanks to all our Team Captains and ambassadors for rallying behind us.

Thanks to our staff who worked tirelessly to paint the day pink and to our board for the support and tapping into your amazing network. Thanks to Mary Safe for being an inspiration to us all.

Our biggest thank you is reserved for each individual donor and supporter. We really could not have done it without you!