Safe Cycling

Safer Road Design for Cyclists

Welcome to Safe Roads for Safe Cycling, where we are committed to creating safer journeys for cyclists across the nation. With a focus on upskilling and education, our program aims to enhance road safety infrastructure to promote harmony between cyclists and motorists. Through our initiatives, we strive to build a culture of respect, understanding, and collaboration on the roads, ensuring that every cyclist can ride confidently and securely.

Enhancing Road Safety through Professional Upskilling

Safe Roads for Safe Cycling is dedicated to creating safer road designs for cyclists. Our upskilling program focuses on providing engineers, planners, and other professionals involved in local road design with essential skills and knowledge. Join our workshops to gain insights into designing roads that prioritize cyclist safety and promote active transportation.

Collaborative Approach for Safer Road Infrastructure

At the Amy Gillett Foundation, we understand the importance of collaboration in achieving safer road infrastructure. Safe Roads for Safe Cycling actively collaborates with public, private, and non-profit organizations involved in the local road design sector. By working together, we can create road designs that cater to the needs of all road users, including cyclists, and promote a safer and more inclusive environment.

Resources and Training Opportunities for Professionals

Our program offers a range of valuable resources and training opportunities for professionals in the road design sector. Access to our soon to be released online resource hub, which provides safety guidelines, best practices, and educational materials specific to road design for cyclists. Stay updated with the latest industry insights and trends through our workshops and expert-led training sessions.

Promoting Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Safe Roads for Safe Cycling believes in the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange. Engage with fellow professionals, share experiences, and learn from each other’s expertise. Join our community events, workshops, and conferences to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in road design for safer cycling experiences.

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