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Preparing Your Bike Plan

When planning and designing bicycle infrastructure interventions, following the right logic is as important as the resources to use. These questions can provide guidance and a clear step-by-step to achieve the best results for your community.

When preparing a bike plan start with the question, why cycling?

  • How can it benefit our local community?
  • Think in terms of network.

A street does not operate isolated from its environment, and the best way to establish a good network is to identify strategic corridors.

Communication is key: Learn about the do's and don'ts, and how communities have been engaged in other projects.

Checking Systems and Processes

It is important to have clarity about the development strategy of the area.

  • Are there new projects starting soon?
  • Are there maintenance or upgrades planned?

Think about the required approvals and what are the main stakeholders that will be involved in the project.

  • The sooner they join, the better.

Designing Safe Roads

Think about the traffic engineering standards and guides your team is using.

  • When were they developed?
  • Do they consider and provide for the bicycle as a transport mode?

Academic Journals

Explore leading journals offering valuable insights into the design and engineering aspects of cycling safety on our roadways.

Design Guides

Discover essential design guides for creating safer cycling infrastructure and improving road safety for cyclists.


Find valuable book resources to design safer cycling infrastructure and enhance road safety for cyclists.

Cities Around the World

These 360° videos from leading European cities allow you to see and almost feel the difference good infrastructure makes. 


These courses are selected based on the experience and capability of the people delivering them, as well as the courses' structure and focus on safe cycling.