Creating safer journeys for cyclists across the nation

With a focus on upskilling and education, the Safe Cycling program aims to enhance road safety infrastructure to promote harmony between cyclists and motorists.

About the Amy Gillett Foundation

The Amy Gillett Foundation was established in 2005 following the death of Amy Gillett, who was killed by a driver on 18 July 2005 while she was cycling in Germany with the Australian women’s cycling team.

Amy’s husband, Simon Gillett, together with Amy’s parents Mary and Denis and friends, concerned at the state of safety on Australian roads, started the foundation in January 2006.

The Amy Gillett Foundation has evolved to become the leading cycling safety organisation in Australia, driven by a core mission to reduce the death and injury of cyclists.


The Amy Gillett Foundation is Australia's leading cycling safety organisation, driven by a core mission to reduce the death and injury of cyclists. Support our work and help us make the roads safer for everyone.


We’re upskilling people involved in road design in communities all over the country, so they have all the tools they need to build streets that are safe for people on bikes.


We’re launching a huge mapping project, to put decision makers in touch with up-to-date data and information about bike routes in their area.


Thanks to your support, it’s now law all over Australia to give cyclists at least a one metre passing distance.