BikeSpot 2023
Wherever you are in Australia, it’s time to add your spot to the BikeSpot map, so we can build a picture of where people love to ride, and where people feel unsafe.

Help us Spread the Word - CAMPAIGN KIT

BikeSpot 2023 is only open for a short time, so we would love your organisation to spread the word throughout your networks.

We have prepared a campaign kit with ready-made images and messages, which you can share via your social media channels and email lists.
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BikeSpot map


BikeSpot is a map that allows every Australian to say where they feel safe or unsafe while riding their bike. By making your mark on the interactive map, you can contribute to making cycling safe.

Head to to drop a pin and answer a few questions about why they feel safe or unsafe in that location.

The feedback could be positive, such as a separated bike lane that feels safe and is enjoyable to ride on. Or the feedback could identify areas that need improvement, such as a narrow painted bike lane, high traffic speed, or missing connections in bike routes.

The information collected by BikeSpot will be made publicly available to local governments, researchers and anyone else involved in road design.


We know that more people would ride a bike if they felt safe.

Getting more people on bikes has so many benefits. It's great for the environment, people's health, reducing congestion on the roads and creating vibrant local communities.

Our streets need to be shared and accessed by all – the more we know, the safer our journey. Let’s share our knowledge to build happier, healthier communities.

Why is BikeSpot important

Who can take part?

Wherever you are in Australia, we want you to add your spot to the BikeSpot map.

We want to hear from people who ride their bike to work, parents who do drop-offs on the bike, folks who ride for fun or fitness, kids who ride to school and delivery riders.

No matter the reason, we want to hear about your ride.
Let's make cycling safe. Make your mark on BikeSpot.
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BikeSpot 2023 is a collaboration between the Amy Gillett Foundation and CrowdSpot, as part of the Foundation’s Safe Cycling program funded by the Australian Government.